I seek 108 volunteers who will rent one microfilm from the National Archives

Series T715. Films 316 to 423. This covers every ship that has arrived in

New York City in 1903. I now have 48 volunteers and seek 60 more volunteers.

Each volunteer will transcribe only the names of every passenger list on one

microfilm onto paper and then into text files on their computer and

eventually email them to me after each text file gets finished. If you have

10 ships you can send 10 text files one at a time after each gets done.. The

text file name will have the film number, the month and day in 1903 and the

name of the ship. The file itself will have group of names of passengers who

arrived on that ship. I set no time limit when this will get done. Enjoy

your volunteer work, seeing that you will help others and yourself.

I'm currently assigning microfilms to those who wish to volunteer. I plan to

place the text files on a cd. I will either do the lookups myself or make

copies of the cd for free if someone sends me a cd. I will also share these

indexes with 4 organizations that will allow free lookups on these indexes.

AGLL at 800 658 7755 (www.heritagequest.com) rents or sells such films as

well as The National Archives or the Family History Centers.

Your public library can join AGLL for free. Then you can rent a film for

$3.25 plus shipping for a month and you can extend the rental by having your

library calling AGLL and extend it month by month for another $3.25 and then

you pay the library who will send the money to AGLL.

If you find that you need the film for 5 months and that appears fine with

me, you might want to buy the film for $17.95. You'll give the $17.95 to the

librarian and you would tell the librarian you want to have them buy the

film for $17.95 for you and you will make sure that you get the film as it's


If you find anyone else who would like to volunteer please have them write

to me.

Thank you.

Dennis Baer


For example the list will look like this in your editor creating a .txt file

T715 Roll 316 with the ship name SS Livonia arriving on

January 2,1903 would have the filename:

3160102SS Livonia.txt

and passenger names in the file.

John Smith

John Rolfe

Dudley DoRight


George Washington

Dennis Baer

Bethpage, New York

United States of America


The Bremen Project


Can you commit to doing the transcription of only the names of only one

ships passenger list? Noone will make any money on your work and the results

of your work will go to:


2) Jewish Gen


4) Tony Cimorelli's Ship Web Site

for free online searches.

I want to begin with 500 people who will commit to transcribing just the

names of only one passenger list, done at their own pace with no time limit.

You will need access to a microfilm reader and rent or buy one microfilm.

You will need to either handwrite the names to paper or copy the list with

just the names of the passengers on it. You do not need the other column

information. Then you will enter the names from paper into a text file and

email the text file to me when you complete it. You will label the text file

name according to the NARA film number date and ship name of the ship

passenger list you transcribe.

Many people through the port of Bremen Germany during the first decade of

the 20th century. The Bremen Emigration lists for the most part got

destroyed. Now some lists exist for the 1920's. However I want to see if I

can get volunteers to do lists for 1900-1905. Then later if I can get

another 500 volunteers I will have the volunteers do 1906-1910. The

wonderful aspect of this appears that this data will appear ONLINE for free


Can I get 500 people? Can you volunteer to do just the names of just one

passenger list? Also can you recruit 5 to 10 other people with net access to

volunteer as well? Please reply to me from this message.

Thank you very much.

Dennis Baer

Bethpage, New York

United States of America