Dumaru (steamer. )
Dumaru began to establish a record as ajinxed ship from her launching, when she went out of control and smashed across the Wil- lamette River into a cluster of houseboats. Bound down the coast to San Francisco, her green wood hull began to leak badly. Half a day out of San Francisco for Honolulu her steering quadrant carried away. A day and a half later her coal shifted. Two days after leaving Honolulu her ventilation system proved defective, causing such intense heat in the fire room that her Filipino stokers quit and she was taken to Guam by volunteer firemen from the deck department. She was en route to the Philippines at the time of her loss. Gordon Newell, Maritime Events of 1918, H.W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle: Superior, 1966, p. 301.
Citation: Tacoma Public Library