Estevan (lighthouse Tender)
The lighthouse tender Estevan arrived at Victoria early in 1913 from Collingwood, Ontario where she was built, being brought out by Capt. Lindgren via the Straits of Magellan. A twin-screw steel vessel of 1,150 tons, she was especially designed for buoy work and was the fastest of the Canadial marine and fisheries vessels at the time, making a speed of 14 knots on her trials. Carrying a complement of eight officers and 32 men, she entered service in May in command of Capt. Charles Barnes, who was followed over the years by Captains Harry R. Bilton, Harry S. Hughes, Harry A. Ormiston and J. Peterson. Capt. Bilton served the longest, being in charge from 1922 to 1944, with 10 years of earlier service on the Newington as mate. He served his apprenticeship on the famous clipper bark Thermopylae when she was engaged in the China trade from Victoria. The Estevan remains in service at the present time, having been converted from coal to ofl fuel in 1958 and in charge of Capt. R. D. Engelson, with C. Milton as chief
Citation: Tacoma Public Library