Falls Of Clyde (square Rigger)
Reprieved at the last minute from an ignominious fate, the neglected hull of the once famous square rigger Falls of Clyde is to be towed to Honolulu for conversion into a museum ship. Efforts by Los Angeles and Seattle to raise funds to purchase the ship failed and she was reported by Capt. A. F. Raynaud, Seattle marine surveyor to be on the verge of being taken to British Colum- bia to be sunk as part of a breakwater. Built in 1878, the vessel moored at Kennydale, has had a colorful career as an Australian bride ship and a sailing oil tanker. Her figurehead is presently a part of the McCurdy collection on display at the Seattle Museum of History & Industry. The Matson Navigation Co., which once operated the vessel is reported to have put up the initial funds to save the ship. She once operated under the Matson banner. Falls of Clyde saved from breakwater fate, The Marine Digest. XLI (June 8, 1963), p. 3.
Citation: Tacoma Public Library