Maine (bark)
August 25, 1848 Whaling bark. Astorian colonists pressured New Bedford, Maine and Massachusetts to consider using their little town as the western terminus of the great whaling industry. The owners of the Maine ordered her to put in for supplies at Astoria and survey the town's possibilities. The ship sailed two years out of Fairhaven with a hard-earned cargo of 1,400 barrels whale oil, 150 barrels sperm oil and 14,000 pounds of bone. Heavy weather prevented Astoria's pilot Hawkes from boarding the whaler to bring her into port; the Maine's impatient captain foolishly elected to enter by sounding with a small boat. The capricious winds fell to a fizzle at the crucial moment and the bark drifted helplessly onto Clatsop. Along with the ship, the pounding waves crushed Astoria's dream of being the Nantucket of the Pacific. John Hobson managed to salvage the ship's cooper shop, but the balance of her cargo was an enormous loss. The ship's first and third mates, perhaps not too anxious to face their eastern empl
Citation: Tacoma Public Library