Mary D. Hume (steam Tug)
Built at Ellensburg, Oregon, in 1881. Used as a steam tug. Gordon Newell, Ships of the Inland Sea, p. 211. Oldest working towboat at 95 years young, The Tacoma News Tribune. May 18, 1975,p. G-11. Crowley wants to donate the Mary D. Hume,Marine Digest. LVI (February 11, 1978), p. 11-13 Mary D. Hume home in Oregon after a hundred years, Marine Digest. LVII (October 7, 1978), p. 11. Celebrates 100th birthday. Launched January 1, 1881 at Ellensburg, Oregon, The Marine Digest. April 4, 1981, p. 11-14. Mary D. Hume sinks in a hauling accident at Gold Beach, Oregon, The Marine Digest. November 30, 1985, p. 23.
Citation: Tacoma Public Library