Mary Dacre (brig)
163 ton vessel, built in 1842 at Bridport, Dorset for Captain R. Dare. Purchased by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1846 and sold in 1854. Norman R. Hacking and W. Kaye Lamb. The Princess Story a century and a half of w p. 336. Herbert H. Bancroft, History of Oregon., I, p. 14-15, 63-64, 112. Arthur Throckmorton, Oregon Argonauts, merchant adventurers on the western front, p. 15, 29. Arrivals and departures noted in Dr. Tolmie's journal Winther, Oscar. Old Oregon Country., p. 77. Joseph Thomas Heath. Memoris of Nisqually. Memoris of Nisqually., p. 157. Seized by customs. North Pacific History Company. History of the Pacific Northwest, I, p. 347-48. Clinton Clinton Snowden, History of Washington, the rise and progress of an American State . History of Washington., III, p. 153, 188-191. Herbert H. Bancroft, History of Oregon., II, p. 43, 107. Brosnan, p. 35, 70. Cecil Dryden. Dryden's History of Washington. 1968., p. 84. Wyeth's ship. Chittenden, p. 448, 452. LLOG, p. 158-164. Charles H. Carey. General History of O
Citation: Tacoma Public Library