Mayaguez (freighter)
Also known as the SANTA ELIANA, 1944-1979. This C-2 freighter, first as the Santa Eliana of the Grace Line and then as the Mayaguez of SeaLand, was involved in two major international incidents. Under the provisions of the Ship Sales Act of 1946, the Grace Line purchased the C-2 in 1947, which it renamed the Santa Eliana. During ten years the freighter quietly carried cargo between San Francisco and the west coast of South America, until the company made bigger plans for her and her sister ship, the Santa Leonor. The Grace Line, normally a very cautious and conservative firm, decided for the first time to take the lead by being the first to use containers in a foreign trade route. Sea-Land had established commercial container service in the coastwise trade, but now Grace Line decided to convert the Santa Eliana and the Santa Leonor to full containerships for service between the United States and Venezuela. A forty-five-foot midsection and special gantry cranes to load and retrieve the containers were installe
Citation: Tacoma Public Library