The MEDIATOR was a 3-masted, square-rigged ship, built in New York by Westervelt & Roberts, launched in 1836, and registered at New York on 5 December 1836. 660 tons; 138' 4" x 32' 6" x 21' (length x beam x depth of hold). She served in the Black X Line of New York-London packets from 1837 to 1848, during which time her average westward passage time was 36 days, her shortest being 25 days, her longest 54 days. In 1848, because of her small size and her age, she was transferred from the "prestige" transatlantic packet service to the New York & New Orleans Line of coastal packets, where she served until 1860; during this period her average passage between New York and New Orleans was 16.9 days, her shortest being 12 days, her longest 22 days [Robert Greenhalgh Albion, Square-riggers on Schedule; The New York Sailing Packets to England, France, and the Cotton Ports (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1938), pp. 39, 45, 68, 126, 137, 282, 294, 316, 332, 333, 340, 342; William Armstrong Fairburn, Merchant Sail (Center Lovell, ME: Fairburn Marine Educational Foundation, [1945-1955]), II.1147, 1148, 1149, 1158, 1206, 1212, 1224, 1295; V.2780, 2797; Carl C. Cutler, Queens of the Western Ocean; The Story of America's Mail and Passenger Sailing Lines (Annapolis: United States Naval Institute, c1961), pp. 391, 512, 517, and 526; Forrest R. Holdcamper, List of American-flag Merchant Vessels that received Certificates of Enrollment or Registry at the Port of New York, 1789-1867 (Record Groups 41 and 36), National Archives Publication No. 68-10, Special Lists No. 22 (Washington, DC: National Archives and Records Administration, 1968), p. 471]. I do not have any information at present on the later history or ultimate fate of the MEDIATOR.
Citation: [Posted to the Emigration-Ships Mailing List by Michael Palmer - 14 November 1997]