Lake Megantic
Lake Megantic
The steamship LAKE NEPIGON was built by Lonodn & Glasgow Co, Glasgow, for the Beaver Line, and launched on 22 February 1875. 2,209 tons; 97,86 x 10,73 meters/321.1 x 35.2 feet (length x breadth); straight bow, 1 funnel, 3 masts; iron construction, screw propulsion, service speed 10 knots; 1st-, 2nd-, and steerage-class accommodation. 27 April 1875, maiden voyage, Liverpool-Quebec-Montreal. 16 December 1875, first voyage, Liverpool-Portland-Baltimore. 7 December 1881, first voyage, Liverpool-New York (winter service). July 1893, damaged by ice in the Straits of Belle Isle; returned to Montreal. 19 June 1894, last voyage, Montreal-Liverpool. 1895, GOLDEN FLEECE (British). 9 June 1896, wrecked near Port Morant Jamaica [Noel Reginald Pixell Bonsor, North Atlantic Seaway; An Illustrated History of the Passenger Services Linking the Old World with the New (2nd ed.; Jersey, Channel Islands: Brookside Publications), vol. 3 (1979), p. 974. Pictured in Michael J. Anuta, Ships of Our Ancestors (Menominee, MI: Ships of Our Ancestors, 1983), p. 164, courtesy of the Peabody Essex Museum, East India Square, Salem, MA 01970.
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The "Megantic" was built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast in 1908. Originally laid down as the "Albany" for the Dominion Line, she was purchased on the stocks by White Star Line and launched as the "Megantic". This was a 14,878 gross ton ship, length 550.4ft x beam 67.3ft, one funnel, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 16 knots. There was accommodation for 230-1st, 430-2nd and 1,000-3rd class passengers. Launched on 10th Dec.1908, she sailed from Liverpool on her maiden voyage to Quebec and Montreal on 17th Jun.1909. On 30th Nov.1914 she started her first Liverpool - New York voyage and commenced her last sailing on this route on 21st Apr.1915. On 6th Apr.1917 she came under the liner requisition scheme and was used for government wartime services. In April 1918 she resumed Liverpool - New York sailings and started her last voyage on this service on 1st Apr.1919. Refitted to accommodate 325-1st, 260-2nd and 550-3rd class passengers, she resumed Liverpool - Quebec - Montreal voyages in May 1919. On 9th Jan.1920 she sailed Liverpool - Sydney for the British government and in May 1924 she became cabin and 3rd class only. She made one voyage to China as a troop transport in 1927 and in March 1928 became cabin, tourist and 3rd class. On 22nd Mar.1928 she sailed London - Havre - Southampton - Halifax - New York and on 19th Apr.1928 commenced her first London - Havre - Southampton - Quebec - Montreal voyage. Her last voyage on this service started on 16th May 1931 and she was then laid up at Rothesay, Scotland. In Feb.1933 she sailed to Osaka, Japan where she was scrapped. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. Bonsor, vol.2, p.764] [Great Passenger Ships of the World by Arnold Kludas, vol.1] -
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