Merom (bark)
The bark Merom of the Alaska Packer's Association, Capt. Peterson, was driven on the rocks of Kodiak Island near Karluk and totally wrecked during a northeast gale of almost hurricane force on October 6. One seaman went down with the bark; the remaining 15 men reached the beach through the jagged rocks about half, including 76 year old Captain Peteron swimming, the remainder being hauled ashore by a lifeline. The Merom had been at anchor near the company's ship Santa Clara, colliding with and inflicting minor damage on her before drifting ashore. The Merom was a 1,024 ton vessel built at Bath, Maine in 1870. She was 179 feet long with a 37 foot beam. Gordon Newell, Maritime events of 1900, H.W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest,p. 64.
Citation: Tacoma Public Library