Meteor (liner)
By far the most tragic marine disaster of 1971 in Pacific Northwest waters was the sudden fire which swept the Norwegian cruise liner Meteor during the early morning hours of May 22, claiming the lives of 32 crew members. The Meteor, a 297-foot motor liner of 2,856 gross tons, built in 1955, had arrived only recently as the first Scandinavian vessel to enter the increasingly popular British Columbia-Alaska cruise trade, with North Land Tours of Seattle as general agents. She was returning from one of her first cruises to the north, carrying only 67 passengers and a crew of 91 when the flash fire broke out below decks forward in the crew area as she was passing Texada Island in the Strait of Georgia, only 60 miles from Vancouver. The flames spread with such incredible rapidity that the 32 victims were trapped below decks and burned or suffocated to death in a matter of minutes. There was little or no apparent exterior damage to the ship. The Meteor broadcast a Mayday call on VHF Channel 6, but not on the inter
Citation: Tacoma Public Library