Mexico (steamer)
The largest vessel to be lost in Pacific Northwest waters in 1897 was the steamship Mexico of the Pacific Coast Steamship Company, wrecked at Dixon's Entrance, Alaska on August 6. Being one of the first large steamers to sail from Seattle following the arrival of the Portland and the Ton of Gold which sparked the Klondike rush, the occasion of the Mexico's sailing from Seattle on July 26 was made memorable by the immense throng of people that gathered to witness her departure and by the fact that she carried a very large number of passengers for Skagway, Dyea, Juneau and Sitka, among them Joaquin Miller, the Poet of the Sierras, who departed loudly proclaiming his delight at leaving insane Seattle. When the Mexico departed the Oregon Improvement Company Dock at noon on Sunday the crowd present to witness her farewell overflowed to other docks for a mile along the waterfront. Following the sinking a number of the Mexico's passengers drew up a testimonial praising Captain H. C. Thomas and toher officers f
Citation: Tacoma Public Library