Midgett (cutter)
The Japanese, Russian and Korean fishing fleets operating off the coast of Alaska continued to expand, with hundreds of vessels ranging from small boats to very large factory ships. The Coast Guard was fully occupied in enforcing territorial limits, with the 29-knot high endurance cutter Midgett, commanded by Capt. Richard Malm, particularly active. The Japanese stern trawler Jikyu Maru No. 17 was sighted inside territorial waters off the Aleutians on the evening of June 5 and was captured after an all-night chase. The $450,000 fine assessed against this vessel was the largest yet imposed on a foreign fishing vessel. Another stern trawler of the Japanese fleet captured by the Midgett was fined $300,000. The trawler Eikyu Maru No. 33, caught by the Coast Guard in violation of territorial waters near Great Sitkin Island in the Aleutian Chain, was forfeited to the government and towed to the Navy Reserve Center at Seattle for disposition. Two Soviet fishing vessels were seized by Coast Guard cutters, one of whic
Citation: Tacoma Public Library