Minnie E. Kelton (steam Schooner)
On May 2 the steam schooner Minnie E. Kelton, the former Great Lakes lumber hooker, while in charge of Capt. James McKenna, was struck by a heavy gale while making her way down the coast with a full cargo of lumber from Aberdeen for San Francisco. Off Yaquina the deckload shifted and started the fire room bulkhead. The vessel began filling from the bunkers and engine room to the hold. As the fires were extinguished the pumps became inoperative and the steamer was soon completely waterlogged. As the crew prepared to abandon ship north of Yaquina Head, the wallowing vessel suddenly shipped a tremendous sea which swept overboard the deckload, the after deckhouse, both boats and eleven of the crew. One lifeboat was pitched onto the floating lumber, hanging one end off at a sharp angle. In clambering into the boat the men capsized it but succeeded in righting it, after which seven of the crew climbed in, leaving four others on the wreck. Within a few minutes the boat and wreckage had drifted away, and the Kelton
Citation: Tacoma Public Library