Moana (steamer)
The Moana, a twin-screw 16-knot steamer, arrived at Victoria May 15 to replace the pioneer Warrimoo on the All Red Route between British Columbia and the Antipodes, now operated by the Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand. Moana had been launched by Denny Bros. of Dumbarton in 1897. Her gross tonnage was 3,915; length 350 feet, beam 44 feet. Her triple -expansion engines built by Denny's developed 4,500 horsepower. She had previously been em- ployed in the Union Steamship Company's Sydney-San Francisco service, from which that line withdrew following the amexation of Hawaii. The year after her arrival Moana, rather surprisingly for a deep-water steamer on a short inland waters voyage, broke the speed record between Victoria and Vancouver, making the run in four hours and one minute. (The following year the Canadian Pacific Railway's new British Columbia Coast passenger steamer Princess Victoria arrived from the Tyne and lowered the record by three minutes.) Moana was popular with overseas voyagers for she was
Citation: Tacoma Public Library