Moonlight Maid (steamer)
The historic steamer Moonlight Maid (ex-steam yacht Columbia of 1899, HMCS Stadacona, rum runner Kuyakuzmt and yacht Lady Stimson) ended her long career on the beach near Golden Gardens Park, Seattle, where she was burned for scrap by the Foss Launch & Tug Co. In 1941 she had been acquired by Capt. Paul Armour for conversion to a salvage vessel, but after Pearl Harbor was purchased by the U. S. Army and operated as a transport and towing vessel in the Aleutians. She was worn out in this arduous service and was purchased by the Foss interests after the war for $2,000, principally to obtain a powerful towing engine which had been installed during the war. Gordon Newell, Maritime events of 1948, H.W.McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle :Superior Publishing Company, 1966.. p. 556.
Citation: Tacoma Public Library