Nancy Foss (tugboat)
The Nancy Foss began her career as the Calcite, a yacht owned by Mr. John McMillin of the Roche Harbor Lime Company. Mr. McMillin had her built in 1907 at Lopez, Washington. She continued to be listed as a yacht until 1915 when the ship was redocumented as a freighter hauler. In 1939 she was sold to the Foss organization. She worked mostly out of Port Angeles harbor and was retired on March 21, 1975. In December of that year the Nancy Foss was sold to Olson Brothers of Tacoma who named her the Nancy Bear. She has seen been sold for other uses. Michael Skalley, The Nancy Foss, Foss, ninety years of towboating. Seattle: Superior, 1981, p. 116.
Citation: Tacoma Public Library