Nann Smith (steamer)
C. A. Smith, who had completed a large sawmul at Marshfield, engaged Edward S. Hough of San Francisco to design a specialized steel lumber -carrying steamer for operation between Coos Bay and California. This vessel, the Nann Smith of 2,009 tons, with a carrying capacity of 2,250,000 board feet, was completed in 1907 by the Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. of Virginia and placed in operation in 1908 by the Inter-Ocean Transportation Co., a Smith subsidiary. This wasa particularly interesting development from the historical standpoint, for it marked the beginning of packaged lumber shipments, a method which has completely revolutionized the coastwise lumber trade in recent years. Water shipment of packaged lumber is generally considered to be a post-World War 11 development and few are aware that it was pioneered well over half a century ago. The Nann Smith handled four-foot square lumber packages, all of the same length, these being stowed and unloaded as individual units. Two U-shaped iron binders wer
Citation: Tacoma Public Library