Neptun (halibut Boat)
Illustrating what Tacoma can do in the way of building engines and boats, is shown in the performance of the halibut fisherman Neptun, owried by Messrs. Anderson & Oleson, and just in commission at Tacoma. The Neptun is 36 feet long by 11 beam, and put up somewhat on the double-ender order. She is also very deep. The power is a Hallin heavy-duty two-cylinder four-cycle 10 horse-power engine; the wheel is a 26-inch. On the trial trip of the Neptun she made a trifle better than eight miles an hour over the Tacoma Yacht Club course. This certainly shows that the Hallin engine is there with the bore, stroke, power and kick. The owners of the machine are greatly pleased with the way it works and are willing to back it against any machine made. (Western Yacht and Launchman, II (February 15, 1911), p. 35-36.).
Citation: Tacoma Public Library