Nespelem (steamer)
The last stern-wheel steamers to be built for service in the Wenatchee area of the Columbia River were completed in 1917. These were the Nespelem, 349 tons, 130.5 feet in length, launched by Charles S. Miller at Wenatchee, and the Bridgeport, 438 tons, 121.5 feet in length, by Robert Reeves at Pateros. The Nespelem, renamed Robert Young, was soon transferred to the lower river in the service of Western Transportation Co. of Portland. The Bridgeport and the 80-foot Delrio of 1915 remained as the last of the steamboats in the Big Bend country. The Delrio went out of service in 1922, the Bridgeport remaining as a lonely survivor of the river boat era until 1942, when she too was abandoned. Gordon Newell, Maritime events of 1917, H.W.McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle: Superior, 1966., p. 290.
Citation: Tacoma Public Library