Nez Perce Chief (steamer)
The steamer Nez Perce Chief, in command of Capt. J. H. D. Gray, ran between Celilo and Lewiston, and made very good time in passenger service but was too light for a freight boat. During the Salmon River excitement she was credited with transporting the most valuable cargo ever brought down the river, the value of gold dust on her manifest October 29, 1863, being $382,000. Gray was followed by Capt. Eugene F. Coe and Capt. Thomas Stump, the latter being the last in charge on the upper river. In 1870 she was taken over Tumwater Falls by Capt. John Brazee, and from there to The Dalles by Captain McNulty, going to the lower river the following June with Captain Ainsworth at the wheel. She had seen her best days before she left the upper river, and as soon as she reached Portland the engines were removed and the hull used as a barge. Her dimensions were: length, one hundred and twenty-six feet; beam, twenty-five feet; depth of hold, five feet; engines, sixteen by sixty-six inches. E. W. Wright, The Oregon Steam
Citation: Tacoma Public Library