Nisseki Maru (tanker)
The tanker Nisseki Maru, 1,139 feet long, with a beam of 178 feet and deadweight tonnage of 372,400, was launched at Kure, Japan to briefly hold the record as the largest ship afloat. Indicative of the increased use of automation at sea was the fact that this huge vessel was operated by a crew of only 35, including four stewardesses who were provided with bicycles to make their rounds. On her maiden voyage from the Persian Gulf to Japan, the Nisseki Maru carried 2.97 million barrels of crude oil, the largest such cargo ever carried. When fully laden she drew almost 90 feet. Gordon Newell, Maritime Events of 1971, H. W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest 1966 to 1975., p.96.
Citation: Tacoma Public Library