Nootka (snow)
Captain Nathaniel Portlock came back to Nootka again in May, 1787, and found the snow Nootka, in command of Lieut. John Meares of the English navy, who had left Bengal in May, I786, and, arriving at Prince William's Sound in October, had wintered there, many of his crew dying of scurvy. The Sea Otter, Captain Tipping, had been there ahead of the Nootka and gathered up so many furs that Portlock decided to push on for King George's Sound at once. He traded there a while and then went to China and thence to Fngland. The Nootka was flying the flag of the East India Company, which had dispatched two vessels from Calcutta, one of which was lost off the coast of Kamchatka. The Nootka, however, made a safe and prosperous voyage. E. W. Wright, Lewis and Dryden's Marine History of the Pacific Northwest. New York: Antiquarian Press, 1961., p. 3.
Citation: Tacoma Public Library