North Star (motor Ship)
Construction of new vessels was virtually nonexistent at Northwest ports in 1932, although the largest vessel built at Seattle since the World War I period, the 1,434-ton wooden motorship North Star, was launched at the Berg Shipyard for the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs, designed to replace the little power schooner Boxer in far northern service. Designed by W.C. Nickum, the North Star was a wooden vessel 225 feet in overall length, with a beam of 42 feet. She was fitted with a 1,500 horse power 10 cylinder McIntosh and Seymor diesel engine and had accommodations for 38 passengers as well as space for 2,600 tons of dry cargo and refrigerated space for 1,300 reindeer carcasses. She entered service of Capt. S. T. L. Whitlam, formerly of the Boxer. Gordon Newell, Maritime Events of 1932, H. W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest., p. 417.
Citation: Tacoma Public Library