Strengthening Floorboards

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Underside Support Brackets for Rear and Middle floorboards.

Support brackets rear side view

Underside of middle piece

Front floorboard supports

Finished Product

One of the problems I encountered when making floorboards for my coupe, is the lack of support on the underside.

Making the boards out of plywood is the easiest, especially when all you have is a crosscut saw and coping saw.

I saw these 2x4 angle braces in Lowes, so I figured I would try them.

I just centered the braces and screwed in one side to the middle piece and the rear just sets on them.






Here is a side view of the rear floorboard.  Notice the bend of the brackets.







This busy photo is the underside of the center piece.  The top is actually the rear and shows the metal brackets as well as a strip of support wood below them.

The bottom has a closeup of the hardwood supports for the front floorboard.  These are just a piece of oak flooring screwed together.  Holes are drilled to mate with the front floorboards bolts.







With the middle piece in place, we can see the holes in the support hardwood blocks.  I use plain carriage bolts through the top floorboard.  These bolts hold the top floorboard in place by thread pressure against the middle floorboards hardwood supports.







Finished product.  The carriage bolt heads are covered by the carpet.  All slots match and mate correctly allowing pedal clearance.




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