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Failed Starter

Solder melted away from terminal bolt

Blocked oil relief hole

Coilmans Starter

Silver-soldered bolt

Reamed Bendix

Cleaning out bendix bolt hole

Starting bolt

Bending Washer Tabs



I initally bought a rebuilt starter from a vendor.  After about a month, after thoroughly driving the T, the starter turned slower and slower.  I thought the battery was bad.  Off to PEPBoys and a new 6 volt battery.  I polished the metal where the ground strap connects to the frame, but still no good.  The starter got real hot and was smoking.  Since this was on tour and a new engine, I was up a creek.  Enter Ron Patterson and a spare rebuilt starter that he brought for someone else, who was a no show.

I installed the starter and have had zero problems.


The vendor starter got so hot that the solder melted away from the terminal bolt and it came out.






The picture at the left shows the oil relief hole blocked.  All the oil went in on the commutator causing smoke.









This is one of Ron Patterson's rebuilt starters.  Notice the heat-shrink tubing vice black tape, clean commutator, new springs, bolts on the rear plate where a sealed bearing vice babbitt resides.









Heavy duty silver-soldered.  New field coils, new brushes, new terminal bolt and nuts, insulator for terminal bolt.










My bendix was a big grrred, so I chased it out with a reamer.










Ensure the starter shaft accepts the bendix bolt.











Insert the bendix bolt and the tabbed washer.  Don't over-tighten or you will need to use an easy-out.










After bolting everything up, bend the tabs on the washers to avoid having a bolt come loose.  Put on the cover and you're done.