Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About emigration & Immigration

Index of Questions

  1. What does emigration mean?
  2. What does Immigration mean?
  3. What are the index cards for?
  4. Why are there differences in the passenger lists index cards for different years?
  5. What kind of info is on each type of index card?
  6. What are the volume numbers for?
  7. What are the group numbers/letters for?
  8. What are the line numbers for?
  9. What is a ship manifest?
  10. How do I find the ship manifest?
  11. What information will I find on a ship manifest?
  12. Why are the manifests themselves different?
  13. What type of info on the manifests can be found for different years?
  14. Why can't I find my ancestors previous date of arrival--it doesn't match the date listed on subsequent entries?
  15. What is Head-tax Status for?
  16. What does steerage mean?
  17. What does Second Cabin mean?
  18. What color is Chestnut?
  19. What information will I find on a Captain's log?
  20. How do I find the Captain's log?
  21. What does "LPC" on a manifest mean?
  22. Why was my ancestor's name changed during immigration?
  23. How do I get a copy of "National Archives Request for Copies of Ships Passenger Records"?
  24. How do I find the passenger list, if I know the name of the ship my ancestor came on?
  25. How can I get a picture of the ship my ancestor came to America on?
  26. Where did the information on the passenger lists come from?
  27. Did the immigrant present documents to the officials?
  28. What info was on the passport?
  29. How were the manifests filled out?
  30. What instructions did the purser follow to complete the manifests?

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