S.S. Vincenzo Florio


January 7, 1881

Passengers List


District of New York, Port of New York


I, D.Viola Master of the Hm V Florio do solemnly, sincerely and truly (looks like) I'm that the following List of Manifest, subscribed by me; and now delivered by me to the Collector of the Customs of the Collection District of New York, is a full and perfect list of all the passengers taken on board of the said can't read, handwritten by D. Viola at Palermo, from which port has now arrived; and that on said list is truly designated the age, the sex, and the occupation of each of said passengers, the part of the vessel occupied by each during, the passage, the country to which each belongs, and also the country of which, it is intended by each to become an inhabitant: and that said List or Manifest truly sets forth the number of said passengers who have died on said voyage, and the names and ages of those who died. So help me God, signed D Viola, 7 July 1881


D Viola was master of this ship from Palmermo, berth 1839.



This ships' list contributed by Theo Tempest

Transcribed by Josephine Reed Garzelloni

Submitted 16 June 1997



? following a name= not sure it's correct because of difficulty reading

? within a name= questioning the letter directly preceeding it

Blank fields= they were either blank or I was unable to read them

Nothing has been added nor taken away from this document. Obvious errors were left as they were found.

This ships' manifest has been transcribed and proofed three times. It is correct to the best of my ability to make it so. Old documents are very difficult to read and copies of microfilm are even more so. I invite you to suggest errors to me.

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