Click for Full Screen 1923 Touring Window Frame Rebuild  By Tony Cimorelli
Taking the hooks off

Disassembling End Caps

Threaded Boss
Figure 3

Breaking Glass Loose
Figure 4

Extracting Plate Glass
Figure 5

Sanding the Frame

Messy Work
Figure 7

Primed Frame
Figure 8

Figure 1 - Taking the side curtain hook bolts off
Our mission is to take the old plate glass out of the 1923 Model T Touring front window frame (lower half) and replace it with laminated safety glass.  This is a requirement in the MTFCI tours.  Plus, it gives us the opportunity to rid the frame of any rust and give it a paint job.

At the starting point, we remove the side curtain hooks and  mounting bolts (Figure 1 - MAC's part# T7831 on page 86)

Figure 2 - Removing the end caps

 As you can see in Figure 2, we need to disassemble the lower frame windshield clamps (MACs catalog Pg 86 - Part# T7824ARX) MAC's has a really good set of drawings in their catalogs and I will use that for references).

Figure 3 - End cap removed

Figure 3 shows the end cap off and the threaded boss below.   You can also see the filler block and glass channel.

Figure 4 - Breaking the glass channel loose

Now, we need to break the glass channel loose (Figure 4).  It is rusted on the frame so take care in pryiong loose, trying to save the glass channel for future reuse. Replacement channel can be obtained (MAC's Catalog Page 89 - Part #WCK5).

Figure 5 - Prying the glass out

The rust is evident when the glass is pryed out (Figure 5).  Take care with the putty knife and pry a little at a time over the entire bottom of the windshield.

Figure 6 - If you ride - you work

Since the Model T is a family car project, my wife, Dorothy, has volunteered to sand the frame down (Figure 6).  We have a motto - If you ride - you work.

Figure 7- Oh my nails

This is messy work (Figure 7), so be prepared to get dirty.

Figure 8- Primed Frame

This is as far as we go until ready to paint.

Photographs:  Tony Cimorelli using a Kodak DC280 digital camera.
Magazine Reference:  MAC's Antique Auto Parts - November 2001 catalog